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Veth Fitness Introduces Its Stylish Looking Multifunctional Resistance Bands Set

July 2, 2014 - Singapore, Singapore -- The world of fitness and workout training has been evolving at a rapid rate and new, multifunctional, effective and hardcore whole body exercises such as Extreme Crossfit, P90x, Pilates, Boxing, MMA, etc., have been gaining popularity all over the world. Newly launched exercise tools seller, Veth Fitness has launched a suitable accessory set for these workout programs which is called the Resistance Bands Set.

Apt for usage by both the sexes, this Resistance Band Set significantly enhances endurance and speed conditioning. It helps users perform better vertical jumping and improves the effectiveness of various kinds of strength training and fitness exercise workouts. Backed by a 100% money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty, this Resistance Band Set is light and portable enough to be carried anywhere while travelling. The major advantage of using a Resistance Band set is that it works on multiple muscles at the same time and helps in the execution of an efficient, streamlined workout.

The colorful muscle building Resistance Band Set comes with a bag, two handles, 2 anchor straps and one door anchor. It includes five bands of varied resistances (Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy) and colors (yellow, green, red, blue and black) to tell them apart. Each of these bands provide and add high degrees of resistance to the existing workout and are more effective as opposed to the traditionally used weights which only provides resistance in one direction of the movement. Resistance bands on the other hand, have an elastic nature that works on all parts of the body by work specific parts of the bod by producing a steady stream of tension throughout the entire movement.

Exercisers can work with this kit even at their homes and can do so even when they are injured with the very light and light variants of the bands that accelerate the injury recovery process. The Veth Fitness Resistance Bands Set can now be bought online at Amazon for a price of $29.99.

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Veth Fitness is a purveyor of retailing high quality exercise and fitness equipment.

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