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I've heard that Christians and Muslims are treated like 2nd class citizens in Israel. Could this be true?

I've heard that Christians, Muslims and other non-Jews are forced to live in Israel's slummy areas and forced to live in poverty for life, while only Jewish people are allowed to live a normal life.

And please, only answer this if you have been to Israel and witnessed her policies first handed.

No rude remarks from Conservatives please.


YES they are denied the most basic human rights. Both Muslims and Christian in occupied Palestine are treated in a NAZI style. Restriction of movements. No access to places of worship. The right to arrest them any time any place. Set Dogs on them in many cases.
Mr Azmi Bishara who is a Palestinian Christian was made to flee his homeland because he criticised Israel for its brutality and savages against Palestinians. Stop being a blind and open your Eyes to the truth.

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