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differnt pvc pipe sizes?

Can sumone send me a link or show me some pictures of the diffenrce between regular pvc and schedule 40 pvc pipe and possibly the significant differnce between 1/2 inch and 1 inch pvc.....

Regular pvc= thin walls, not pressure rated and should only be used fro drainage.
Schedule 40 pvc has much thicker walls and is rated for pressure and is good for pumping large amounts of water aka sprinkler system.
1/2in pvc = higher pressure rating but lover water flow
1in pvc = lower pressure rating but increased flow.

Keep in mind with schedule 40, 3in pvc pipe will have an inside dia of around 3, but an outside dia of about 3.5in and so on for other pipe sizes, so pvc is measured by the inside diameter not the outside (which is what I used to think)

Sorry i could not find any useful links or pics but if you want so see all different types of pvc and some diagrams go to http://www.mcmaster.com/#plastic-pipe-fittings-and-pipe/=2kpk52

they are one of the leading suppliers of plumbing parts, and have every size and schedule of pvc imaginable. when you go there, click on "schedule info" and that should help a bit.

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