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How to Get a Pokemon Leaf Green Card Key


The other ones I saw don't work. If is it is at all possible please give me distinct instructions. Once I enter Silph Co. Which direction do I go? I want really good directions! Please Help! Thank You!


It is found on the ground in a small corridor on the fifth floor, a rarity among Key Items, most of which are given to the player as part of the storyline. The Card Key does not exist in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

Go on the elavator go down til you battle a rocket use the telapather and then again to be in the same room as before go down and right a item will be there you have a CARD KEY (IMPORTANT)

It is possible to go into almost every room without having the card key, just by using the warp spots. This map helped me.


This is just from memory, but I think the card key is on level 6, which is near the warp thing that map labelled as L. If that's the case....

Go to level 4, run to the bottom left warp spot, and that will take you to a little room with 2 warp spots. So go to the other one, and then do the same in the next room, and then you should be in the right place.

I really hope I am helpful.

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