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How much are my books worth?

The Capitals of the Globe. printed in NY in 1894 by Peter Fenelon Collier,and edited by Archibald Wilberforce. good shape,leather binding?? book #2 House journal of the 68th general assembly of the state of tennessee 1933. Rich Printing Co.Nashville tn.prepared by Bert C. Dedman,Chief clerk. #3 modern history by carlton j.h. hayes and parker thomas moon ny. the mcmillan company 1931. #4 Idea pocket Webster Dictionary 1938 by the World Syndicate Publishing co. Cleveland O/New York NY.

book 1 - roughly anywhere between 19-35 bucks, but on average i'd estimate it between 20-25.

book 2 - this one, i have no clue. i couldn't find any reference to a house journal from the 1900's, but from the 1700 & 1800's & many were reprints anyway. out of what i found the prices range between 26 & 200 (unrealistically in my opinion) dollars. this is a very specialized publication so, good luck with that one.

book 3 - roughly between 4-20 dollars - there are many editions of this & 1931 is on the early side, but not the earliest, unfortunately.

book 4 - about 20 dollars, i wasonly able to find 1 for that price & a later 1943 for 10*middle*soft&qtit=Webster+Dictionary&qpub=World+Syndicate+Publishing&browse=2&binding=S

anyway, that's what they're going for online, which i've always found to an excellent way to gage price.

good luck.

~~~ morgannia

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