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How to sanitize blankets/sheets without bleach?

Recently had a house guest vomit all over our blankets. Washed twice with HOT water, lysol concentrate, and laundry detergent. Then dried on hot hot setting for 30 minutes. I really dont want to get ill from anything that might have been on the sheets. Do you think germs are dead? Are there any virus that wont die from hot water and soap??
I usually am not this OCD, but long story short this house "guest" was an unwanted one, and in general a dirty person. I think I'm more mad that it happened than worried about germs lol.

I don't know how they do it now a days but I would recommend you do a hot water wash like you did but this time put the linens in the freezer over night, this will kill any germs, bugs or skin cells that are invisable to your eyes, make sure to put the linens in a plastic bag of course before freezing. Then let the linens thaw in the bag. Rewash again in borax,baking soda mixture...before the rinse cycle add vinegar and rinse in hot water as well.
When you put the linens in the dryer do the sheets first , then dry the blanket.
As far as the germs they are probably dead but the skin cells- not to mention the sweat and other stuff... from the guest body could take 2 or 3 washings to get out especially if they were not a clean person...the borax and baking soda will clean your linens right up. The vinager will soften your linens and get rid of not only vomit smell but body odor you may not smell for a few days after useing a regular detergent.

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