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Anyone ever take a worse bad beat than this in hold'em?

I held pocket queens, the black ones and it was all in after the flop. The flop was: 9, 10, J all clubs. My opponent shows 6,7 neither being a club. After losing I calculated the odds on cardplayer.com and after the flop my opponents odds of winning the hand was .61 percent and 1.21 percent chance to split the pot. Well, the turn was a 7 non club....and the river was a 6 non club to give him two pair and the best hand. I lost the hand and left the table dumbfounded. If you have any worse beats than this i'd be very surprised.

Here is one where I am playing spread limit 3-100. I am in the small blind of $1. There are two callers for $3 when it gets to me and I look at AA. I raise to $15 and everybody calls.

The flop is K 3 8, no coordinated suits. I look at the flop and think it is great for my had because somebody with a King will call my bet. All of a sudden the last person puts in an all-in bet of $85 out of turn. The dealer makes him take his out of turn bet back and allows me to act. I decide to bet $100 into the $45 pot. The first caller folds and the person who acted out of turn calls my bet. He has a 6 7 non-suited.

The turn and river are 4 and 5 so he makes the straight and he scoops the $215 pot.

Is that a bad beat? He called a large bet into a smallish pot with no pair and no draw. He had a chance to throw his hand away before the flop and also on the flop.

By the way, on that day I ended up a winner in the game.

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