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What Gym Class is Right for You?

When trying to decide what gym class to take it all depends on what you are looking to gain from the workout. Some want to gain muscle, others endurance, others a mind-body harmony, some want to train for something specific, and others just want to burn calories. It is all up to you and your fitness goals. This is a brief overview of some common classes and what the benefits of each class are so that you can better decide which class will work for you.  Some of the names vary from gym to gym but if you pay attention to the descriptions you should be able to match them up. Aerobics. In an aerobics class you work to keep your heart rate up for most of the class. Generally it includes working with routines on a step to the beat of music. Aerobics also aims to incorporate strength training and stretching to help you develop all areas of fitness. This type of exercise improves your body’s ability to consume and use oxygen. It also increases your endurance, enlarges and strengthens your heart, improves circulation, and reduces blood pressure. Water aerobics is sometimes offered, and can be a good way to mix up your workout if you enjoy the water. It also helps you to work different muscles. Dance. Dance classes are very similar to aerobics classes. However, they use less equipment and focus more on the routines. Your choice between the two should be based on preference and both have alike benefits. Spinning. Spinning is indoor cycling. You do this on a stationary bike with an instructor who leads through segments of simulated hill climbs, interval training, and sprints. You decide your own intensity level by adjusting the knob on the bike that gives and takes resistance. Choices about intensity should be based on your heart rate. Monitor it and adjust accordingly. Spinning can be used as an aerobic activity to help your entire system or as an anaerobic exercise (working more intensely for a brief time) to help develop strength and muscle mass. You also tone your lower body through spin. Weight training or body sculpting. This is mainly a form of strength training that will use weights to build up and tone muscles. Repetitions and sets are used and some aerobic may be included. Often it may incorporate squats, push-ups, and abs techniques. Body sculpting’s main goal is to do just that—sculpt and tone the body so that it looks good and develop muscles. Kickboxing. This is an activity class that is based on basics of self defense and aerobic workouts. It is not generally in contact with others like the actual sport is, but is practiced on own in class. With kickboxing you improve your flexibility and define your arms and legs.   Yoga. Yoga is a type of physical meditation. You closely control your movements and unite your mind, spirit, and body. In participating in yoga you develop strength, flexibility, and a peace of mind. However, sometimes your heart rate is not raised high enough to cause significant fat burn. For best results it should be combined with other exercise as well. Pilates. This form of exercise uses mats or other equipment to train and control the core of the body’s muscles. In this class you learn to concentrate on your breathing and posture. The movements are focused on the principles of control, precision, and flow. Pilates is mainly about strength and flexibility but you can also raise your heart rate in the workout if you desire or combine with other exercise forms. All these exercises will aid you in burning fat. However, some may assist you better than others. So think about mixing it up and trying some new styles of exercise. When deciding on a type of exercise, choose something you enjoy that makes you work hard. With whatever type of exercise you decide to do, don’t forget that it is only half the battle in losing weight. Pay attention to what you eat. Think about adding whey protein to your diet. This fills you up with fewer calories and will help you burn fat and develop muscle as you work out. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and working at its optimum level. For more info on tasty protein , visit Top Form Supplements

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