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Letterpress printing - online resources and recommendations?

Does anyone know any good online vendors or resources for custom letterpress printing? I have a jpeg or eps image of a logo that I would like to create in letterpress and then do printing from. I know Paper Source does this but their prices are quite expensive. Anyone have any other suggestions of good online vendors (or local vendors in the San Francisco Bay Area)?

This is for a wedding invitation and many different elements to go with it (menu card, place cards, thank you notes, weekend agenda, etc.).

Any recommendations that you have regarding letterpress printing are also welcome.

I don't know what you are asking.

The "letterpress" printing that I am familiar with is printing, embossing, and diecutting on a platen press.

The image files you mention are electronic image files and will probably work for any type of printing. (letterpress, offset, silkscreen, desktop printer, etc..)

An image can be made "camera ready" for multiple uses, but this isn't printing. It is graphic design.

Actual printing involves applying ink to special metal plates which then imprint this ink on your paper (or other surface). To get a more personal answer you may want to try visiting a local printshop. An old one would be best because they may have a platen press, and can show you the way it works. They usually enjoy sharing what they know of their craft with you.

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