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why do homosexual men tend to be feminine and homosexual women tend to be masculine?

opposite or the media represent them with that aspect.. but why? is there any reason? well I guess some people behave like the stereotype no?

They are presented that way because people are offended by the idea of transgressing gender roles, so the media reinforces that. They try to show heteronormativity by saying that, "Clearly, anyone who likes women must behave like a man, because only men like women." And "Anyone who submits to anyone else is clearly like a woman," despite the fact that there are tops as well as bottoms.

Military policy following WWII was based off some weird research. The assumption circa 1940 - 1960 is that gay men (Those who gave head) slowly lost sensation in their penises, and that all pleasurable sensation migrated to their mouths. This was thought to be a process of infatilization, and that they were returning to a state similar to a child who wants to suckle a mother's breast. Effeminacy and churlishness were considered necessary traits for a true gay person to have. So the stereotypes are not based on reality, though reality sometimes matches, but on the ideas that those making the stereotypes believe about the minority being ill-treated.

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