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Anonymous text and prank text message service proves a hit

Are you one of those people who wish they could send an anonymous text message to someone? Have you ever received anonymous text messages and wondered where they came from? Well, look no further because the secret is out. There is, in fact, a service that will send these prank text messages while keeping your identity a secret and it is now easier than ever to do. is a newly improved website with a better than ever anonymous text message service, which promises to send all the prank text message you want for a cheap and easy to pay fee. The service, which now features new services with the old, promises that all of the anonymous SMS messages you send are really 100% anonymous. No one will ever know the anonymous SMS came from you or in fact where they have come from.

The best part about this service is you can send the messages from anywhere, and from any phone number, to anywhere around the world as long as the receiving number is located within one of their 500 different compatible networks, which in essence offers global coverage. Some of the newest features include real time monitoring of the messages and HLR look-ups. The service also promises never to send any spam messages to any of the numbers you send texts to, as they will keep all of the information private and secure. The only messages that will ever be sent are the ones you send. offers free sign up and registration of an account with the option to purchase credits for sending the anonymous text messages. This text messaging service offers multiple means of payment including PayPal, cheque and even cash payments. The credits purchased are displayed instantly within the message credit account after payment. In addition the website offers 24 hour support in addition to a useful FAQ section which provides a wealth of knowledge and answers.

The prank SMS service offered by, offers an innovative service which has proven popular. Its growing appeal is testimony to the effectiveness of the service it provides and the efficiency by which it delivers the service.

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