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Why do sooo many people own 'Puggles'?

This is a link to a Q i answered earlier, my views are very strong about mixing a Pug and a Beagle!!!!!
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Q. how can people TRY and justify it?

I'm sure many people own these cross breeds because they have rescued them but what makes people spend a fortune on a cross breed??
Q. Anyone on here spent lots of money on a cross breed, if so why, why a cross rather than pedigree or rehoming?
EDIT I have NOTHING against cross breeds, every dog i have ever owned has been a cross breed but i have never paid a 'breeder' for my mutt and i have never desired a dog that is such a pointless mix!!! (yes they are cute BUT come on, who really thinks it's a good idea to mix these 2 breeds)

Now, I would never want a Puggle because of the possibility of Beagle temperament which isn't for me, but I do think the phenotype of the Puggle is a huge step up from that of a Pug. The Pugs squished face is a deformity and a hazard for the dogs born with it. Breeding purebred dogs with those automatic conformation health difficulties should be illegal. Pug breeders should be forced to take that nose back out an inch again - as it was at the origin of the breed.

I do firmly believe those purchasing Puggles are giving the thumbs down to those that have bred pure and taken the muzzle off of this breed - for the sake of winning dog show ribbons.

Here are some historical Pug paintings. The original breed had muzzles. What the fancy breeds now, is a redesign. This breed has not been preserved. There is no more merit for breeders breeding redesigned Pugs, than mixbreeds. Both are designer dogs, and if I was interested, I know I'd pick the mix as it would have more likelihood of at least a bit of a muzzle.





In regards to spending money on purposely bred mixes, I believe something that is overlooked by many people is that a lot of us do not respect or want to support closed registries and the purebred breeding system as it currently exists.(Maybe if they opened their stud books and showed some true concern for the welfare of the breeds they are supposed to be "bettering" I'd look at that again. I'm not holding my breath.) Meanwhile, I will show my disatisfaction with my purchasing power.

My opinions have come to shape after watching my purebred champion sired pup suffer and die from an illness very particular to her breed. She died at a very young age. Her 10 gen COI was 42% - (very high if you don't have a reference, which also means the increased risk of genetic illnesses), . . . . . . but she sure was typey! I really appreciated that when I was watching her die.

This link will provide you with my take on purebred breeding:


As well, this link by a Canadian veterinary doctor recommending other vets no longer back the current purebred breeding system because of the enormous suffering she sees in (majority) purebred dogs.


As health and longevity are at the top of my list of pet wants, the bonus for me is hybrid vigor. Both of these next links speak to hybrid vigor which DOES apply to both intraspecies mixes and interspecies mixes - so yes, it applies to mix dogs.



Now, for me, top that off with living in a large community where our shelters cannot possibly supply all the pets - because we have done the work to become responsible, and I know if I have to purchase, I will choose a mixbreed over a purebred dog.

To explain in detail:

I live in Calgary Alberta. In a city of one million people, less than 350 dogs were up for adoption from animal control last year. Animal control is also our SPCA. The situation has been like this since 1994 because we have incredible animal control programs and leadership, and a responsible community.

As a result, rescues cannot possibly supply the demand to even meet attrition each year (about 10 000 dogs for our city).



The city of Edmonton, 4 hours north, has followed along with our programs and has not euthanized healthy and adoptable for years either. It is the only other large city in the province, similar in population to Calgary, and last year, all total, it took in 3600 dogs and only needed to find homes for about 1/3 (the rest went back to owners or were unhealthy and untreatable).


So in my province which is the size of Texas, many of us cannot find a pet in rescue. There are just not enough coming in to supply the demand of attrition. It has been this way for years.

We do have three rescues dedicated to flying in dogs from high kill areas (we are too far to ground transport) but smaller dogs are even hard for them to get their hands on.

I absolutely know that mixed dogs can be purchased from upstanding breeders. My coworker just purchased a Cockapoo from a breeder of Cockers who uses her friends champion Poodle male for a stud. They both show their breeds, understand pedigrees and fully health screen and occasionally breed mixed litters. They have been for 22 years.

Their websites, of course, just show their purebred brags, because unfortunately we live in a world where these breeders have to hide mixed litters or face losing their CanKC registration privileges.

It is really too bad that the registries have such a hate on for those who want something that isn't on their prescribed and dictated list and for those breeders who are willing to understand that if they don't do it, in places like I live, the puppymill is the next alternative for buyers.

I don't like PETA, but I really do liken the prejudice against deliberately bred mixes by the purebred community to that of the attitude of the Klan. They seem to believe we should all agree with what they have come up with for breeds. That attitude in itself is irritating. You would think "responsible" breeders would group together and not define themselves by what they breed, but by the care they take in breeding.

I have been on a waiting list for two years now for a dog under 25 pounds from a few of the rescues in this province. I've also applied to many across the border on Petfinder, but of course have been turned down because of the border. If I do buy, it will be a mixed bred dog, one from two breeds that complement each other in function and type. (But if others want to gamble and spend their money on a mix of breeds less complementary, that is up to them, isn't it) I have no desire to support the purebred dog system until they make changes and this would be my way of giving them my thumbs down.

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