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What need know you ,Top 5 Apple Products

What need know you ,Top 5 Apple Products by top-shoppingmall

As you know Apple is a very massive company and as for that I will be telling you what the 5 top apple products are. First will be Apple Iphone 4, second will be Mac book pro, third will be Ipad 2, fourth will be Mac book air and finally it is the Ipod touch 4th generation (these Apple products are all in order). I will be first starting with Apple Iphone 4 (which is the best selling Apple product so far).

Iphone 4 was first announced in June 7th 2010 but was released in June 24th 2010. The best thing about Iphone 4 is that when you buy an app (game) you can upgrade the app so it is still fun to play with the app as it is upgraded. The best features of an Iphone 4 is that it has good HD crystal clear quality graphics, great camera, clear video recordings and much more. The looks are much better than the previous versions of the iphone because it’s thinner and the Apple Company did a really good job about how the Iphone 4 looks nowadays. You can get an Iphone 4 in black or white (I’d prefer black). The memory you get is 512MB and the storage you can get for Iphone 4 is 16GB or 32GB. Now I will be naming most of the features you get with an Apple Iphone 4 (which I may have mentioned before). Face time, Multitasking, Retina display, 5 mega pixel camera (including LED flash), HD video recording (you can also edit the video in HD), ipod, safari, phone, mail, game centre, folders for apps, photos, home screen, air print, air play, voice control, messages, Itunes store, keyboard, search, app store, maps, compass, voice memo, calendar, keynote, Imovie, pages, Ibooks, numbers, accessibility and much more. If you ever buy an Iphone 4 inside the box you will find an Apple USB adaptor, a three pin plug adaptor and a pair of amazing quality Apple headphones. The handset will cost you about £500-£600 depending on the memory.

The second best Apple product is Macbook pro which is one of the best laptops Apple sell so far also in the computer market. Macbook pro was first released in January 10th 2006 that was the original date but the currant date was February 24th 2011. If you ask me about the price of the Macbook pro laptop I will probably say around £999-£2000 but it’s all worth it. I bet you think I’m mad right now right? I’m not because I will be telling you everything you need to know about the Macbook Pro laptop. Let me first tell you what I’m going to talk about, here are the followings: the thunderbolt, face time goes HD and battery time. First I will be telling you about the battery time. The great thing about the battery is that it lasts for a whopping 7 hours, so if you’re using the computer for the whole day (which is 24 hours a day) you will only need to charge the Macbook Pro about 3 times. As usual you can see your friends and family on your laptop/computer screen but in this laptop (the Macbook pro) your friends/family can see you HD as well as you can see them in HD to (this was about face time goes HD). Finally we are going to talk about the thunderbolt which is basically a port. Thunderbolt (the port) is like a USB 2.0 but is two times faster than any USB ever made. Doesn’t that make you want to purchase a Macbook pro?

Ipad 2 is like an Ipod touch but it’s just bigger, thinner, faster, slimmer and looks like a picture frame. You can get Ipad 2 in black or white, I think both colours are nice but if I were to choose then I would probably choose the colour black. The first time Apple released the Ipad 2 was in March 2011. If you were ever to purchase an Ipad 2 then it would probably cost you around £399-£650. The best four things that Ipad 2 has is Ipad smart cover, HD face time video, the looks and the duel core A5 chip. Face time HD means you can talk to other people who has an Apple product, see the other person in HD as well as they can see you in HD (you can see each other in HD only if you both have an Ipad 2). There are many other great features and apps (games) but I’m only telling you about the only 4 features I’ve just mentioned. The duel core A5 chip is twice as faster than before and lasts up to 10 hours. The design is smoother, lighter, bigger, thinner and is much better than before. The Ipad 2 smart cover is a better way to let the Ipad 2 stay clean and undamaged (basically is a cover but better than an ordinary one).

The Macbook Air is kind of like any other Macbook in the market but there is some changes which I will be telling you about through this whole section. Sadly there is no flash storage on Macbook Air but they are trying to improve that part. The backlight keyboard is bright as a button because the laptop is amazingly slim and the buttons are really easy to press. The high speed thunderbolt is still twice the speed than the original USB port. This laptop is an interesting kind of laptop which you can find in many different types of shops such as: Apple store, Argos, PC world and much more places. If you ever want to buy a Macbook Air the price will be around £850-£1400 (depending on how many GB you purchase). When you purchase a Macbook Air inside the box you will find basically everything a normal (or any) kind of Macbook laptop gives with the Macbook laptop.

Finally I will be telling you about the Ipod touch 4th generation. If you ever purchase an Ipod touch 4 then the price will be about £190-£335 depending on the memory. This fantastic gadget is worth purchasing if you don’t already own an iphone 4. Now you can even record and take pictures in HD quality. How amazing is that? You can even have face time which means you can go online and talk or see your friends and relatives who own an Apple product which is compatible with the app Face Time. Apple released Ipod touch generation 4 on September 8th 2010. Just like any Ipod touch, Ipad an Iphones you can still buy apps (games) and you can upgrade them so you can enjoy the game while there is better quality than before. So there, I’ve just told you about the 5 top Apple products so far at this moment of time. I hope you enjoyed reading about these top 5 Apple products.


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