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Screen protectors 2012

A screen protector is used to protect the LCD screens of digital, electronic devices. The personal digital assistant (PDA) is, perhaps, the most commonly used gadget for which screen protectors are used since PDAs are operated via a stylus. However, other electronic gadgets, such as ipods, also use screen protectors.

The "first generation" of screen protectors were made from very thin films. It was thought that an extra layer between the two surfaces (screen and stylus) would provide the needed protection to prolong the life of the device. These screen protectors came (and still come) in packs of 10 to 20 protectors and are hand-cut by the end consumer to fit the specific device. Such screen protectors, while offering extra protection, did not completely fill the need in the marketplace. They peeled up easily and they scratched almost as easily as the screens, causing the protector to be replaced often.

The newest generation screen protectors on the market are considerably better than their predecessors. They are made from a much more durable film and are designed to be a more permanent part of the gadget which they protect. The material is a urethane-based film which is a little thicker than traditional screen protectors (.008 inches compared to .005 or .003) but the film is hardly noticeable once installed. For less permanent solutions there are screen protectors that are non-adhesive and work by sitting in the gap between the LCD screen and the case of the device. The film can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled without any problem. This new generation of film is available with anti-glare coating to help users see the screen in daylight. The non-adhesive screen protector can cover LCD screens from one inch to 50 inch diagonal and is used on digital cameras to large HDTVs.

The anti-reflective screen protector film has been introduced in 2008 and works by canceling out glare and blocking the reflection of UV rays. This allows users to see the display clearer, even outdoors and while wearing polarized sunglasses. The film has a tacky rubberized backing which adheres to the display, but can easily be removed and reinstalled when necessary. The film comes in sizes up to 50 inch diagonal and can be installed without need for water or soapy solutions. The film has been approved for use by the military, boaters, laptop manufacturers, law enforcement agencies and is recommended for everyone who likes to use their device outdoors. The film can stay in place for over 1 year and retains its glare canceling benefit.

The new Apple ipad 3 screen protector, which will be released in March 2012, is made from the same protection film material used to protect military aircrafts, helicopters and space shuttles. The MilitaryShield screen protector will be equipped with "self-healing" technology to further extend the protection. The self-healing technology will eliminate minor scratches on the film over period of time. It will also feature corrosion and moisture protection and it will prevent moisture from migrating through film to attack underlying substrates.

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