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Official Start Of Clean Screen Wizard Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 6-Pack

Official Start Of Clean Screen Wizard Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 6-Pack
Official Start Of Clean Screen Wizard Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 6-Pack

Clean Screen Wizard offers 25 discount coupon on the launching campaign of their New Microfiber Cloth 6-pack recommended as screen cleaner for iPhones, computer, TV, glasses, and other delicate surface and screen.

April 15, 2014 - Svendborg, Syddanmark -- Today marks the official start of Clean Screen Wizard Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 6-Pack exciting flash sale on the latest addition to their range of innovative screen cleaners. The exclusive 25% discount code allows customers to purchase a lint, dust, mark and scratch free screen cleaning cloth, whilst enjoying a substantial discount against their purchase. The offer is available for a limited time only, and there are only limited stocks available.

When asked why are these new micro fiber cloths so effective to clean delicate surfaces and electronic devices screen - why not any of the others on the market, Johanna Rivero, the creator of the company said, "We offer a great deal of discount rates and special offers to our clients so that they return once again to buy our premium quality microfiber screen cleaners. We recently launched a discount rate of 25 percent off on the product price. Our manufacturers have many years of experience and research to reach the high level of quality they offer today as a guarantee so that our customers can get the best results and care when cleaning screens of their valuable electronics devices" She further added, "Our product offers a much better tactile experience when compared to other competitive microfiber cleaning cloths and are made with the best materials and technology. We intend to provide high quality products to our customers at budget friendly costs."

The exclusive 25% discount coupon code has now been launched and can now be used when making a purchase on The coupon code for the offer is the following: VID25OFF

Clean Screen Wizard 6-Pack is used to clean all types of displays that now find on many and different electronic products and also for fragile surface areas that include digital and DSLR electronic camera lenses, smart phones, GPS, binoculars, tablets, iPads, laptop screens, eyeglasses, iPhones, and touch screens among others. It gently and effectively removes dirt, fingerprints, oil and smears from surface areas without making use of any extra liquids or abrasives. This product is not a one-time remedy, they can be used for a longer amount of time, and can be hand wash (no detergent) up to 300 times. So its an eco-friendly and chemical-free screen cleaner and developed in Denmark.

These microfiber cleaning cloths are being offered with strong PVC individual carry pouches on Amazon. These helpful cloths are made with high quality materials and have a CGS certification. These 6-pack include one large cloth (12" x 8") equivalent to a normal US letter-size sheet and 5 medium-sized microfibre cloths (7" by 6") in blue and black. Handy in the office as well as at home. Also practical to bring along in hand or video camera bags due to their practical PVC protection packaging.

The Company is also providing a 100 percent 6-month satisfaction warranty on all the purchases on

About Clean Screen Wizard

Moojou Enterprises is a company based in Svendborg, Denmark, which design and sales a variety of products, including high quality screen cleaner solutions for mobile phones, tablets, screens and other delicate surfaces.

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