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I have 4 Copper printing plates from Circa 1930. What type of printing is this?

4 Copper plates on a 1" wood backing. Some sort of photo finish, very small dots. There is some engraving on the plates. Some parts of the picture have actual engraving or missing copper. 20" by 14" plates used to make prints worthy of framing. Seems like it will deliver a high quality product. What type of printing is this and can I still find a place to make reprints?

These can be hand-printed like an etching, although originally they would have been used to reproduce photographs for a newspaper and gone through a large number of printings. Do you know any artists who make prints? They will just need to use 1" runners on the press bed to accommodate the backing. Normal etching ink and some reasonably smooth paper so as not to lose the detail of the half-tone dots. There may be some deterioration of quality depending on how much printing the plates went through in their working life. You can make a single print or more. A university or college with a printmaking department would be a good place to look for a willing printmaker.

Quite often people just frame the plates themselves, as they can be more attractive than the prints they make.

Any further questions just pop in with the plates any time you're in Sydney.

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