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what could happen under various weather conditions (wind, rain, heat, etc.) if there is a ammonia leak?

The first thing is if you have an amonia leek or spill is to call 911 requesting a HAZ-MAT Response and providing the Dispatcher with the Folowing.

Which Type of Amonia
Anhydrous Ammonia, UN1005
Ammonia, anhydrous UN1005
Ammonia, anhydrous, liquefied UN1005
Ammonia, solution, with more than 10% but not more than 35% Ammonia UN2672
Ammonia, solution, with more than 35% but not more than 50% Ammonia UN2073
Ammonia solution, with more than 50% Ammonia UN1005
Ammonia solution, with more than 50% Ammonia UN3318

Wind Direction and estimated wind speed on site
and any persons affected sick or down

Wind: spreds Fumes and Vapor
Water Spreds Product Enviromental Hazard
Heat Causes Expantion and Accelerates Fumes & Vapor Concentrations

Current Online HAZ-MAT Guide

Being that It takes lots and lots of water to nutrilize amonia rain compounds the proablem when there is an industrial spill.
depending on the amount or size of a spill wind can causes problems because Fumes & Vapor stay concentrated for quite some distance from the source hence if there is a major leak then evacuations in major spills will be warrented down wind of the scene.
Heat increases the output of amonia vapors and if a tanks is involved possible heat can accelerate tank falure by rupture or bleve
Iam a retired Longhaul truck Driver HAZ-MAT Transport
HAZ-MAT(HM) First Responder Cirtified
Diploma in HM Response, Containment & Cleanup
NFPA HM Incedent Comander school Graduate
NFPA HM Cirtified Instructor

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