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Which is a better straightener for wavie frizzie hair?

which straightener heats up faster? Cortex Professional Ceramic Straightener or TS-2 Detailer or a Revlon Perfect Heat Professional 1" Straightener
I know that I CHI is better but I would like a straightener that is just as good and affordable and cheap. Cheap as in 60$ and under. Dissiered price is about 45$ but if the Cortex Professional Ceramic Straightener is good then that is OK.

Your not really going to get a decent straightener for that much. It will burn and ruin your hair.
I highly suggest a chi if you can afford one.

Or theres a really good one for about 80 dollars
WAHL CUTEK it heats up in 30 seconds and does nearly as good a job as the chi.

But the best hairstraightner ever is the GHD but its 300 bucks lol =) So I suggest the one mentioned above or the chi

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