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Need help with insulating my garage..we are making a bedroom in it.?

We just moved into a new home but we need to make an additional bedroom for my son. There is an oversized 2 car garage attached to the house and thats where we decided to put my sons new room. It is freezing in there, it is unfinished (studs) with no insulation. We already put in a sub-floor with a vapor barrier and sheet insulation. Our problem is with the walls, they are 2x4.
My question:
Is there any type of insulation we can use that will give us a higher R value than 15 or will we have to add 2x2's to the exsisting studs so we can put at least R19 (we live in NE PA).
Thanks for your help!

i don't see an acurate answer so far. normally R-15 is the max you can get for a 3 1/2 wall cavity. if you compress anything else into the space you defeat the purpose. insulation works because of the air spaces between the glass fiber. compress the air out and you have glass and you know how glass transfers cold.

yes you could "fur out" the studs but i don't think you need it. once it is insulated and sealed up it should be plenty warm. there is no reason to use more than R-15 in the wall. i'm in NE Ohio and that is more than enough here. But, you should be sure to put as much in the ceiling as you can. they make an R-38-C that is made for 2x12's.

if R-15 isn't enough you do not have enough heat going into the room. also be aware that you do need a cold air return or the heat ducts won't push enough heat in.

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