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How do you feel about Global Warming and man's impact?

First of all, let me state that global warming is the warming of the Earth's atmosphere leading to climate change such as the melting of ice caps, melting of glaciers, and rising sea levels. I don't think there can be much debate about whether global warming is actually happening. I think the term "global warming" is mistakenly used to mean "warming caused by human activity".

Second, I'm not asking what, if anything, can be done to stop/slow global warming. What I'm asking is to what extent do you think human activity is involved with global warming versus natural processes - whether they are Earthly or Solar.

My personal feeling is the warming is part of a natural cycle which human activity might accelerate, but is not the root cause.

Give that man a cigar!

Global climate change IS natural and there are many respected members of the scientific community that believe that global warming is a GOOD thing! Many more people die of hypothermia than heat exhaustion, and if the world temperature goes up, and the atmosphere retains more heat then more areas become habitable while our hydrocarbon envelope protects the equatorial regions from direct sunlight so they dont just become a giant bar-b-q grill!

People rarely mention that another natural phenomenon, that global warming may help forestall, called a "polar shift" could wipe out human civilization as we know it...This is a catastrophic "wobble" that occurs every few hundred million years or so due to the earths vertical axis in relation to the sun. When water evaporates, it precipitates. Some of the water becomes snow and remains frozen in the polar regions, over time the mass of frozen water grows and grows, trapped as ice, until the mass is great enough to unbalance the rotational stability of the planet and the ice caps swing down to where the equator is now...We are talking BIG CHANGE here...Earth scorching magnetic storms, tectonic realignment amounting to BEDROCK TSUNAMIS! The continents as we know them could cease to be with new oceans and landmasses forming from the buckling of the earth's crust...

Global warming doesn't sound so bad...

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