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Rover 620 distributor switch?

Hi!, I own a 1993 Rover 620 si (Honda engine).I have a perfect working distributor that I want to replace.This is off a similar car, a 1993 618 I think!, but there are slight differences.On my car the distributor is slimmer, coil and ignition module are a different shape.The cap, clamp holes, drive gear dogs and connectors are identical to the 618 distributor.The 618 distributor has Hitachi stamped on it, and as I said is identical except for and extension bulge on the side.What I would like to know is, will it fit straight on to my engine? Help would be appreciated.

Usually, the distributors are matched to other engine management bits, you should use another 620 unit. However, seeing as you have the spare one, there's no harm in trying it - just mark the relative position of where the rotor arm finishes as you withdraw the old one, and plonk the new one in - you won't do any harm.

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