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does the painting method foe finish look good in the kitchen?

i'm thinking about painting my kitchen and i love the foe finish look (i'm not sure how you spell it) do yo think it will look ok in my kitchen?

Any area of your home is usually suited to have a faux finish applied to your walls or surfaces. You must make sure that the finish you want does not overwhelm the cabinets and the additional colors that are within your kitchen. You want to enhance not take away.

With that said, a good color wash is always easy to attempt. If you want a two tone color effect, I would choose an under coat paint that is somewhat shiney (the terms of glossy, semi gloss and so on) but then as the top coat you used a slightly muted color and then dilute it, I use the 5 to 1 ratio; 1 part paint to 5 parts water, so that you have a wash that is applied to the top of the shiney paint. I would do a dry brush technique where you dip the brush into the mixture and brush over the surface in cross-hatching effect, or you can make lines or even the effect of "adobe" with this technique.

Another way is to use sponges in various shapes to do the same effect as above but "sponged" on. And you can add a softer color as well to enhanch the main colors.

I have also done the "crackle finish" on the cabinets, door frames, window sills and baseboards.

There is a large amount of information at bookstores as well as classes taught at home suppply stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. One thing I would recommed would be for you to buy some 16x20 sheets of white foam board or drawing paper and do samples of what you wish to accomplish before you attempt anything on your walls. In this way, you may find a technique that you may have not thought of while practicing the samples. Good luck and Happy Painting!

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