12 Sublimation

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Sociology project, i need ideas!?

pretty much what i have to do is find an object that i can relate to these vocabulary words. i understand what some of them mean, but, i am just completely confused on what to use to relate them to the words and why they relate to Sociology. I only have to use one in total.

The words are the following:
1.Mechanical Solidarity
2. organic solidarity
3. Anomie
4. Solidarity
6. Conflict
8. Proletariat
9. Bourgeoisie
11. Socialism
12. Sublimation
13. Structure
15.Manifest Dysfunction
16. Latent Dysfunction
18. Postmodernism
19. Modernism

I really do appreciate it.
20. emperialism

Try to relate the world around something that happens in your everyday life.

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