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Dog Heat Stroke - How to Tell And Cure Dog Heat Stroke

Dogs can become overheated very quickly because they do not possess adequate temperature control systems as part of their anatomy.

Canine heatstroke occurs when the normal bodily functions cannot keep the body's temperature within the safe range. This can take place with dogs in a matter of minutes, especially in the summer. Knowing what to do when a dog has heatstroke could mean the difference between life and death.

What is Heatstroke

Pets do not sweat to regulate their body temperature, instead they fluff their fur in order to circulate fresh air over their skin. This does not provide much of a fluctuation, so they also pant. Panting is a rapid exchange of cool outside air; along with evaporation from the tongue, this keeps the dog's internal climate within normal ranges.

When the outside heat is greater than or equal to the dog's body temperature (usually 99-102 degrees), fluffing fur and panting won't help. A dog with moderate heatstroke, when his core climate gets to 104-106 degrees, will have a bright red tongue and gums and his saliva will be very thick. Cool him down and give him small a amount of water, and notify the veterinarian.

Body temperatures above 106 can be deadly. The dog may go into shock and experience liver, kidney, lung and heart failure. At this stage his gums will be extremely pale, even white, he'll be weak, and may develop a bloody nose and slip into a coma. A dog experiencing any stage of heatstroke needs immediate first aid and vet attention.

What to Do for a Dog Experiencing Heatstroke

It is imperative to always keep a dog's first aid kit handy to be prepared for just such an emergency. To determine the extent of the dog's distress, take his temperature using a rectal thermometer. If it is mild heatstroke (104-106 Degrees) get him to a cool place, best case scenario, in front of an air conditioner or fan. Wrap him in cool wet towels and continue to monitor his temperature, and it should come down.

Dogs are experiencing severe heatstroke when their inner climate reaches 106 degrees or higher. They need to get to a veterinarian, but if treatment is more then five minutes away, there are procedures that need to be done immediately. For larger dogs the hose may be a more proficient way to lower his temperature; a bathtub or shower also works well. Check his temp every five minutes. He will most likely be unaware, even unconscious, so be sure and keep his head above and away from the water.

Bloat and Your Dog - Dire Condition Requiring Immediate Attention

Give him an ice cold pack and place a wet wash rag on his head and neck. The most efficient places for an ice pack (or a bag of frozen peas) are under arm pits or in the belly area. As his temperature lowers, let him drink as much water as he wants, but only a little at a time. Watch for shock; the cooler climate should help ward off this symptom, also honey or Karo syrup rubbed on his gums will help.

Ideally all of this can be performed on the way to the vet's office or nearest animal hospital. If not, it is now best to transport him as quickly as possible to get professional help.

It is important to note that dogs with flat, pushed in faces are highly susceptible to heatstroke, and extra care should be taken.

When it comes to your beloved dog there are some things that are obviously out of human control. When it comes to heatstroke though, there are procedures that can be performed and will save his life

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