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How has pop culture affect the Wrestling Industry?

Explain in details, add in personal thoughts, examples, etc. You can also add in the Pros and Cons.
Lol, Muhammad Hassan again. You're one of my favorite users.

It's like Cena has stated on Multiple Occasions - "Pop Culture Dictates what WE do , And sometimes WE dictate what POP CULTURE does."

Cena Himself is the BEST Example.
Remember when he First did the Rapper Gimmick - He was INSANELY Popular because that was what was "In" & "Cool" at the Time.
Wearing Throwback Jerseys , & Reebok Pumps was Cool , and STILL is.

Now Though , Edge is a Great Example.
Whats in Now?
Affliction T Shirts , Apparel , & Dressing like a Rockstar.
Edge was the First to Wear an Affliction T Shirt on WWE TV , and now it seems like Everyone , Including Other WWE Superstars (And Myself) like them and Wears Affliction.
HE Started that.

Pop Culture AFFECTS Wrestling by the Storylines that are Produced.
The First Notable Case of this is in 1994 in the Original ECW.
Michael Fay was Arrested in Singapore & Sentenced to be beaten with a "Singapore Cane".
This Lead the Brilliant Mind of Paul Heyman to put The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer in a "Singapore Cane Match"
This has become known as the "Thank You Sir , May I have Another?" Match.

Also , just as of latley with the Presidential Elections , WWE USED that.
They had a "Match" between Barack & Hilary.
They had the Real Nominees on RAW give Promos.
And in Both WWE & TNA you Won't get through a Show without the Announcers or a Performer Throwing a Pop Culture Reference into a Promo. (ie - "He's got about a Good a Chance of Winning tonight as Tony Romo does Winning the SuperBowl!")

There are WAY more Pros than Cons.
The Pro is - It makes for The Storylines to Be Relevent.

The Only real Con is - Something may NOT be transferable from P.C. to WWE.
Much like that "Match" between the Nominees.

All in All , P.C. & Pro Wrestling go Hand in Hand.

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