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Mental help?

Hard to put, but when I smoked maryjain, I knew exactly what I wanted at that moment. Are there any other ways to achieve this?
Literally, what I wanted out of school, relationships with my family, exact food like a pregnant woman, sitting position, what movie I wanted to watch- when normally I am always indecisive.
Life Pros: Have a job, and everything I need to survive. Now what?

Well you are right about Marajuana. It gives you a sense of well being and invincibilty, like alcohol. You have found out though that this is the high that gives you this feeling.

Write down on paper pros and cons of your life and use these to try and make some goals.

Good luck and try not to resort to drugs to give you good feelings in life. They DO destroy you no matter what anyone says.

EDIT: Well the fact you have a job is always a great start. Do you enjoy that job? Do you want to progress in life or are you happy with what you have? Do you want to have drive to better yourself? Some focus? Are you in a relationship? Often having a partner increases your self esteem and gives you some focus in life so you can share experiences...travelling etc.

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