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Amazon Review on Springhill Opaque Color Gold Paper

I am a believer of the idea that you should not overdo something that can be achieved nicely in something more simple. That's why I do not patronize frills and whatnots on my aesthetics. I just want to keep it sleek and cool; something that will convey the very atmosphere of my restaurant.

A superb graphic design and layout on menus are must-haves but to gain the overall sophisticated look, it is important to have the best base -- in this case, a high-end paper. It's like setting the mood of the whole thing. And I hit up Amazon.com to buy Springhill Opaque Color Paper solely for that purpose.

The paper has a very nice surface finish that gives a very classy feel to it. For our menu covers, we use a slightly thicker version that offers firm support but are not too bulky, while the regular ones are just well-suited for the menu pages.

They have lots of colors to choose from but the one I like best is the gold hue. It fits my bill nicely and it has the richest hue of gold I have seen on paper. Its gold color is really unique and looks sophisticated.

We had no problem in using offset printers on them either. In fact, every kind of printer we used them on yielded very good results (we have them tested on various printer types early on, just to see what would actually look best -- we even tried them on copiers!).

I love how the print does not show at all on the opposite side -- even on boldface letters! Springhill Opaque color paper is just perfect for every purpose you have that needs to be fancy but not too loud.

The kind I regularly buy online is the 24/60 basis weight from Springhill. I'm not sure if they have different sizes because I always look for the letter size (8.5x11) which comes in different colors. Amazon.com sells Springhill Opaque Color papers by the 100s and the shipping weight is only 3 pounds.

I guess anyone looking for a high-end paper to make their flyers or handouts on can go for Springhill Opaque color papers. It's even acid-free so colored ink will not fade easily as time goes by.

Springhill's quality papers will make your clients feel they are indeed in a high-class establishment -- and I’m sure other art enthusiasts, designers or photographers will also appreciate it.

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