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What materials can I use to make my own scrapbooking album?

It's just for a project. I dont have much of a budget and no acid-free paper for me... I'll be doing lots of cutouts from magazines. Any tips? :)

You don't have to buy expensive embellishments from the scrapbook store. I use tons of everyday things from around the house in my scrapbooks. Such as:

Cool tags off new clothing,
Leftover buttons from your sewing basket,
Pretty patterned cardboard like off kleenex boxes,
giftwrap paper,
cloth ribbons or christmas ribbons,
ticket stubs,
Small silk flowers from displays your cat has torn apart.
Old hemp necklaces (unlace them and use the twine)
beads from old jewelry.
Yarn, foil, the list is endless.

Save old GREETING CARDS. Lots of them come with cool pictures or 3D art that is great for cutting out to use on scrapbook pages. I always save birthday cards or Christmas cards I get in the mail for this purpose.

The Dollar Tree has good supplies every now and then. Look there for glue sticks, construction papers, markers, etc.

Buy your tags Staples or Office Max. You get them in bulk for a lot cheaper than the $.50 tags you buy individually at the scrapbook store. Office supply stores also sell little round tag keychains that I love to use. They are a half dollar size white paper with a metal edge. You can color the paper with chalk and draw an alphabet letter on a tag. Use multiple tags to spell out your page title.

PS. I never pay full price for new blank scrapbooks. I buy them when I see them on Clearance at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. You can find them for around $5.50 for a 12x12 album!

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